ACT, SAT, and AP Test Accommodations in Arlington Heights, IL

The ACT and SAT tests are crucial exams that at least partially determine your child’s future because colleges look closely at ACT and SAT scores as they decide which students to accept.

However, standardized testing isn’t an accurate assessment of all students’ potential, particularly for those with learning disorders. Even when individuals excel in other areas, they might struggle to simply sit through a long test, which means their score won’t reflect the depth of their knowledge and abilities.

Fortunately, if this describes your child’s situation, they might qualify for AP, SAT, and ACT test accommodations. If you live anywhere in the Chicago area, including Arlington Heights, IL, visit NeuroHealth Arlington Heights to learn how we can help your child acquire these necessary accommodations.

Understanding AP, ACT, and SAT Test Accommodations

AP, ACT, and SAT tests are all administered by the College Board. The Board requires extensive documentation before they’ll consent to any accommodations, and they require you to submit requests for these accommodations at least seven weeks before the test is administered. The Board will use that time to go through your child’s records and determine if he or she is eligible.

If your child already has an IEP or 504 plan, it’s much easier to request ACT, SAT, or AP test accommodations. In this case, the student has a diagnosis, and the school should have a detailed, well-documented record of how this student’s needs have been accommodated in the past.

Documentation such as this is vital because, without it, the College Board testing committee will likely decline your child’s request for reasonable accommodations. If you think your student has an undiagnosed learning disorder, visit a specialist sooner rather than later.

Furthermore, students must request accommodations at the same time they register for an ACT or SAT test, and the parent and school have to submit requests within a certain timeframe as well. The earlier in your student’s high school career you act, the more likely it is that the College Board will agree to make AP, ACT, or SAT test accommodations.

Learning More About Specific Types of Accommodations

The accommodations the College Board provides for your student depend in large part on the learning disorder and previous accommodations the school has issued for the child. Some accommodations may include giving students extra time to complete exams or providing a reader who can read the test questions out loud and then record your student’s answers.

At NeuroHealth Arlington Heights, we specialize in working with schools, parents, and teachers to find the right school accommodations for each student. If you want our help understanding accommodations or you think your child could have a learning disorder that keeps him or her from excelling in school, call us at (847) 754-9343 or email us using the form on our contact us page.