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Public vs. Private Schools: How Do Academic Accommodations Work?

Considering different school accommodations is key for students with diverse learning needs. If your child has learning or thinking difficulties, physical challenges, or specific educational requirements, they can benefit from tailored education. When you’re deciding between private schools versus public schools, there are quite a few differences to consider. Public […]

Standardized Testing: How To Prepare As A Student With A Disability

Standardized testing can be intimidating to any student, but the stress and concern over this type of test are especially pronounced when the individual has a disability. If you struggle with anxiety, ADHD, dyslexia, or other learning disabilities, it’s important to invest extra time and effort into test prep, especially […]

How To Get Academic Accommodations for Mental Health in College

Colleges and universities are responsible for meeting students’ needs inside the classroom, including students with mental illness or other health conditions. However, it’s the responsibility of the student to make their college or university aware of any academic accommodations they may need. There are several accommodations you can ask for, […]