Case Management and Patient Advocacy in Arlington Heights, IL


Mental health issues are complex and sometimes stigmatized. In order for our patients to thrive, NeuroHealth Arlington Heights offers case management and patient advocacy services in Arlington Heights, IL. Our work helps us treat mental health issues holistically so our patients have the best possible results.

Case Management

Mental illness can be difficult to treat because there are so many factors. While therapy and medication help, if a patient doesn’t have adequate support in other areas of his or her life, he or she won’t be able to fully heal. Case management can involve services like primary healthcare, transportation, housing, employment, community participation, and social relationships.

For example, if your child suffers from both depression and a serious stomach problems, your child’s depression may not fully lift until he or she feels better physically. We can coordinate care with your child’s primary physician, and by working as a team, we can address your child’s mental illness effectively.

There are five steps in the case management process:

  1. Assessment. We’ll take a look at the patient’s needs and strengths.
  2. Care planning. In this step, we plan how to meet the patient’s needs.
  3. Plan implementation. We’ll meet with other people that can help the patient to make sure that we’re all on the same page and that the patient is getting the best care possible.
  4. Progress monitoring. To make sure that the plan is working, we’ll keep track of the patient’s health and wellness.
  5. Regular review and re-assessment. Patient needs may change. We periodically make sure that we’re meeting patients’ needs as effectively as possible.

With our help, you or your family member can heal with support from those around you.

Patient Advocacy

In a perfect world, everyone around a person with a mental illness would understand the patient’s limitations and accommodate them. However, many people in the general population do not fully understand mental illness and the extensive impact it has on patients’ lives. We use our patient advocacy services to educate the public.

Schools, workplaces, and even government agencies may not understand how to treat those with mental illness. When a patient needs reasonable accommodation, such as being allotted extra time for tests at school due to anxiety, our patient advocates can help explain the situation. If you or your child need accommodation, having trained professionals on your side will smooth your way.

If you need case management or patient advocacy services in Arlington Heights, IL, contact NeuroHealth AH. We’ll help you get the help you need to thrive.