College Students Who Are Struggling

Bored College StudentAt colleges and universities throughout the country, there are college students that need the professional help of a Neuropsychologist. Many college students are struggling with mental and emotional issues that counselors and support within the university are not trained or qualified to treat.

At NeuroHealth of Arlington Heights, we offer psychological and neuropsychological testing and treatment designed for the specific challenges facing college students. Our team of specialists and support staff are capable of helping college students at our Arlington Heights office, remotely through screen sharing apps like Skype and can even help college students better understand the resources that are available at their college or university.

Why Do Some Students Struggle in College?

Going to college marks a major life change. This marks the first time a student is living on their own. Often times, the student is faced with a much more rigorous, demanding academic schedule than they dealt with in high school.

These feelings can be unnerving for some students. Ultimately, some college students experience diminished academic performance or even serious emotional and psychological health issues.

If you are a student, or if you are a parent of a college student, experiencing these challenges, NeuroHealth of Arlington Heights is an expert at assisting college students struggling.

How Can We Help You?

Our team provides neuropsychological assessments and treatments that can help college students get to the root of the problem. But once the student returns to college, we continue to provide support when necessary. Remote services and working with school counselors help college students.

We understand that every patient is different and no two experience are ever the same, so we take the time to get to know each client on an individual basis. To schedule a first appointment and learn more, contact us online or call (847) 754-9343.