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Many families receiving neuropsychological testing services in Chicago often feel as though they have been given information that they don’t know how to use. It is our practice’s philosophy that information is only useful if it can be made to work for your child or adolescent. Due to this belief, we provide treatment options within our practice, referral services to other professionals, and a case management approach to best serve your family in the Chicago, IL, area.

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Our Process for Children and Adolescents

neuropsychological testing center in Chicago IllinoisBecause each child and adolescent is unique, we take a deductive approach to assessment—basically, this means that testing is customized to your child or adolescent’s specific presenting issues. We do not administer the same battery of tests to everyone. We work with your child or adolescent to understand their work completion pace, their need for breaks, and where their limits are so that we obtain the best performance each time. We also do not believe it is effective to assess anyone in a single lengthy session. Instead, we work with you to create multiple testing session times that best meet the needs of your child in terms of time of day and duration of each session. Typically, a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment requires 10-12 hours of actual face-to-face testing time in order to obtain an in-depth and integrated picture of your child or adolescent’s functioning. There are also usually an additional 10-14 hours of work involved in scoring, interpreting, and producing an extensive and detailed written report regarding the test findings and our specific recommendations. In addition, you will attend a feedback session after testing is completed to review results and receive specific recommendations regarding interventions and school planning for your child or adolescent. We also provide referrals to other professionals for additional interventions as needed.

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Addressing the Needs of Your Patients

As a physician, you are charged with a great responsibility. We recognize the dedication and care you and your staff have for your patients. Because of your focus on quality care, families bring to you many of their problems. You may often hear from parents the following:

  • I think my child has ADHD.
  • My child won’t listen.
  • My child doesn’t do as well at school as other children.
  • My child doesn’t talk or doesn’t talk much and I’m worried.
  • I want my child to have extra help at school, but the school won’t provide it.
  • My child has social difficulties.
  • My child seems depressed and anxious.

In these moments, physicians typically have very sound advice and recommendations for their patients. There are, however, times in which you might want more comprehensive answers. If you do, our practice can provide you and your patients with the assessment and treatment services to provide these answers.

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What We Can Provide for Your Patients

Our practice believes in comprehensive and collaborative care for our patients. We can address the needs of your patients by providing the following:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, Learning Disorders, Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Social-Developmental Disorders, Emotional / Behavioral Disorders
  • Comprehensive psychoeducational, psychological, emotional, behavioral, and neuropsychological assessments
  • A comprehensive feedback session in which our doctoral level practitioners meet with parents, review the data, answer questions, and provide a specific roadmap for needed interventions
  • An easy-to-read, comprehensive written report that explains the results of each test in detail and how they apply to your patients
  • Consultation follow-up with you, school, or other professionals as specified by our patient
  • Direct School Consultation and Advocacy
  • Emotional, social, behavioral, and neuro-cognitive therapeutic services
  • Parenting Skills Training / Development

What This Provides for You and Your Patients

Creating professional relationships between physicians and clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists have important impact for your practice:

  • Providing appropriate professional referrals to address the needs of your patients will benefit your doctor-patient relationship.
  • Providing a useful and effective referral allows for comprehensive, solution-oriented care of your patients.

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Gifted but Struggling

Some children are gifted. When you interact with your patients, you know they may be extremely talented in any number of areas, be it mathematics, science, writing, reading, or another subject. At the same time, the parents of gifted children often state that teachers don’t understand their student, or that their emotions/behaviors get in the way of the talents they‘ve shown. Many times very intelligent or gifted children also have unidentified problems such as Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder, learning disorders, or social-developmental disorders. There may be emotional problems as well, as gifted children can often appear angry, frustrated, and/or anxious. Due to their high intellect, these students are often denied traditional school assessments. If your patient appears to struggle, we can provide a comprehensive assessment that can answer your questions and provide relief to your patient and their family.

Therapy Services and Comprehensive Care

At our practice, we believe in providing comprehensive care. This means that along with assessments, we provide individual, couples, and family therapeutic services.

Presentations and In-Services

Our skilled clinicians are available for in-service training sessions and educational presentations.

What We Offer

    • Neuropsychological, developmental, and psychological assessments are available for infants, toddlers, children, and adolescents.
    • Direct School Advocacy is our strength.
    • Therapeutic intervention services
    • Neuropsychological services in legal venues.
    • We evaluate and treat: Neurodevelopmental, Neurocognitive, behavioral, social, and emotional issues, including inattention, autism, Asperger’s Disorder, pervasive developmental disorder, hyperactivity, learning issues, giftedness, depression, anxiety, OCD, executive function, interpersonal difficulties, and parenting skills.
    • If your patients have suffered brain injury or other brain-related disorders we can assess their functioning and provide direct school advocacy services.
    • Waiting time for appointments and evaluations tends to be brief.
    • Many insurance plans accepted.
    • Evening and weekend appointment times are available.

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