College Application and Admissions Consulting in Chicago, IL

It’s normal for teens to struggle during the transition from adolescence to adulthood. One of the biggest steps for many is applying to colleges—since choosing a school and a major are such important life decisions, many teens feel enormous pressure during this time.

If your teen struggles during the college application and admissions process, come to NeuroHealth Arlington Heights. We offer college application and admissions consulting for teens in the Chicago, IL, and Arlington Heights, IL, area.

Get Help With College Admissions

The college application and admission process is often long, complicated, and difficult, especially if your teen has mental health challenges. For example, the SAT and ACT tests make most teenagers anxious, especially since they demand so much time and preparation. However, if your teen already has an anxiety disorder, these tests can seem impossible.

If your teen needs help coping with the pressures and demands of choosing and applying for colleges, contact NeuroHealth AH. Our counselors can help your teen understand exactly what’s being asked of him or her and how to meet colleges’ requirements. With our help, your teen can navigate the admissions process with confidence, setting him or her up for future success.

Support Your Teen

NeuroHealth AH has served the Chicago and Arlington Heights, IL, community for over 20 years. Our mental health professionals successfully work with children, teens, and adults, resulting in great outcomes for entire families. We’re proud to provide your teen with college application and admissions consulting.

If you or a family member faces behavior, emotional, social, neurocognitive, or neurodevelopmental problems, reach out to us. You can learn about our professionals on our staff page. If you’d like an appointment, contact us online or call (847) 754-9343 to speak with us. With our help, your family can move towards healing as soon as possible, so call us today.