The Grieving Family: A Guide for Helping Children Process the Trauma of Loss

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A child processing loss after a traumaAdults process grief with the understanding that death is permanent. They call on the comfort of their own beliefs and experiences to cope. Unfortunately, children do not have this luxury. Not only are they ill-equipped developmentally to process and understand death, they also have limited experience with a persistent negative emotional state.

After the death of a parent or sibling, children need specific direction to help them recover as best as they possibly can.

Activities to Calm Anxious Children (And Their Parents)

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CaptureIf your child struggles with anxiety, he or she might worry excessively. Your child may even experience panic attacks or refuse to participate in social activities.

Psychological evaluation and treatment are your first line of defense. Your psychologist can teach you and your children strategies to deal with anxious thoughts and behaviors.

Does Your Child Have OCD? The Importance of Early Identification and Treatment

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Even the most carefree children deal with worries and anxieties. Some kids worry about monsters in the closet or under the bed, while others might get anxious when their parents leave them with a babysitter for a few hours. However, most kids don’t spend lots of time obsessing about these fears-they move on and find something more fun to occupy their minds.

Children with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) are a little bit different. Unfortunately, many parents aren’t equipped to identify OCD in their children or understand when to seek treatment. In the media, OCD is usually played as a joke, so the average person doesn’t understand the real problems and challenges this mental illness presents for kids.

If you think your child might have OCD, a psychologist can diagnose the illness and help you work on a treatment plan. In the meantime, keep reading to learn more about what OCD is, what symptoms it manifests, and how you can help your child if he or she has OCD.