Either you or your student is ready to start applying to colleges, and two tests keep coming up in conversation, the SAT and ACT. Colleges often require one or the other, rarely both, although you’re allowed to take both if you prefer. What’s the difference between the SAT and the […]

5 Holiday Activities in Arlington Heights, IL

The holidays are fast approaching, and Arlington Heights offers locals and visitors alike a wonderful home base for the holidays. Winters in Illinois can be brutally cold, so it’s always a good idea to have hot cocoa in your hands and heart-warming festivities on your calendar. As one of the […]

Depression vs Bipolar Disorder

Over 16 million Americans suffer from depression, while around 6 million have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In total, that’s over 10% of the population. So, if you work in an office with 100 people, the chances are that 10 of your coworkers (including you) suffer from these afflictions. Unfortunately, […]

Adjustment Disorder

Adjusting to a new life situation always presents some distinct challenges. In some cases, these challenges may begin to feel insurmountable, leading to severely disruptive symptoms. If a significant life change or traumatic event has left you feeling overwhelmed and unable to function normally, you may be suffering from adjustment […]

What is Crippling Depression?

Depression is a common mental illness. In the United States, approximately 17.3 million adults have suffered from at least one depressive episode. About 35% of adults who have suffered from a major depressive episode did not receive treatment, but it’s important to know that depression isn’t something that one must simply […]

Our Favorite Parks In Arlington Heights, IL

Whether you’re looking for a fun afternoon outdoors or a relaxing weekend of camping, getting outside and enjoying nature is a rejuvenating pastime. Visiting local parks is an inexpensive way to see local wildlife and flora, enjoy a hike or bike ride, learn about local history, and view natural wonders. […]

504 Plans vs IEPs in Illinois

Sending your child off to school is always a day filled with emotions. As a parent, you’re excited to see your child eager for a new adventure. You may also feel saddened that your child will no longer be home with you all day or at daycare. These feelings can […]

7 Best Chinese Restaurants in Arlington Heights

The U.S. restaurant industry’s market size currently stands at a whopping $899 billion. This includes a wide range of Chinese restaurants that serve delicacies to patrons for takeout and on-site consumption. They offer authentic international cuisine right here in the States, so you don’t have to travel to China to get your hands […]

What Are the Different Types of Dyslexia?

If your child struggles with reading, sounding out words, or understanding what they’ve read, they may have a learning disorder called dyslexia. Dyslexia can be developmental (genetic) or acquired (resulting from a traumatic brain injury or disease), and there are several types of Dyslexia including phonological dyslexia, rapid naming dyslexia, […]

How to Break the Cycle of Generational Trauma

The environment where your child grows up is as important as genetics for determining their future health and level of success in life. What people experience actually changes the structures of their brains. Since the brains of young children exhibit especially high plasticity, what they experience can impact them for […]