Benefits of Neuropsychological and Psychological Testing

Neuropsychological and psychological testing are different medical approaches used in diagnosing and providing suitable treatment for mental related ailments. To gain better clarity of the cognitive function, strength, and weakness, these two medical testing are used. These mental evaluations involve an interview process and the performance of a series of […]

Common Signs of a Learning Disability

A child with common signs of a learning disability often has several related signs of difficulty with reading, writing, and other learning-related tasks. The good news about learning disabilities is that research provided by scientists provide hope and direction. A recent study showed that 10 percent of people have difficulty […]

Hemiplegia and Hemiparesis

1 in 1,000 children suffers from hemiplegia or hemiparesis. This figure comes out to over 70,000 children in the United States alone. If you believe your child suffers from one of these conditions, you’ll need to identify the relevant symptoms, compare hemiparesis vs. hemiplegia to pinpoint the exact condition, and […]

Concussions and College Sports: How a Neuropsychologist Can Help

There has been increased attention in the media about the prevalence of concussions in professional sports. But the prevalence of concussions for college athletes should not be ignored. An NCAA study revealed that college athletes experience about 10,560 sports-related concussions each year. In fact, the Sports Concussion Institute reports that […]

Detecting the Signs of Disordered Eating: A Guide for Parents

Eating disorders are a complex and often misunderstood physical and psychological health issue. While eating disorders occur in both boys and girls, they are more common for females. Around 40% of teenage girls struggle with eating disorders, with many continuing to struggle into adulthood. Early detection can help prevent health […]